AEE SoCal Chapter Scholarship Program
Current Available Scholarships
There are scholarships available from both the Southern California Chapter and the National Organization. You will find information and links for applying for both scholarship programs below.
AEE Southern California Chapter Scholarship Award
The Association of Energy Engineers Southern California Chapter organization distributes scholarships to undergraduate candidates on a case-by-case basis. Award consideration is given to students majoring in engineering, energy management or technical studies at accredited colleges or universities. Students with leadership development, extra curricular activities and job internships are noted. GPA of 3.0 is requested. Scholarship are awarded on an ongoing basis and applications may be submitted at any time. The scholarship are generally in the $500 range.
For additional information, please E-mail the AEE SoCal Scholarship Committee at
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AEE National Scholarship Award | [link to details ]
The AEE Foundation Scholarship program was established to encourage qualified practitioners in energy engineering and energy management to further education in these fields by awarding scholarships. To date, the Foundation has awarded over funds approaching $1 million for use by over 1,100 outstanding students.
Scholarships are available to candidates obtaining their undergraduate or graduate degrees who are enrolled in an accredited college or university focusing on energy engineering or energy management.
All individual applicants must be nominated by a local AEE Chapter. We begin accepting applications January 1st. All scholarship forms must be sent to the Scholarship Chair (see address on application form) by May 1st. For additional information on submission and eligibility, please contact Mary Elise Cox at or 770.447.5083 ext. 221 or your local chapter president.
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Help Support our Engineering Future
There has been a lack of students entering the engineering fields that our country depends upon.
AEE SoCal has a history of giving back to future engineering students to help them succeed in their endeavors. For more information, please email us at